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XBOX Game Preview Coming to PC

Just today at Gamescom 2016 it was announced that the Xbox Game Preview program (basically the Xbox One equivalent of Steam Early Access) will be coming to PC. They also said that the first game that will be released through Xbox Game Preview will be Everspace, a space shooter.

Everspace started out as a Kickstarter last year where it almost rised half €500,000. Seeing that they are now being featured on Xbox game preview, one can assume that Microsoft is supporting them now.

Aside from those above news and that now confirmed date for Xbox game preview coming on September 14, not much more details had been given. If you read the Everspace FAQ, they say that early excess for the game will be in the third quarter this year, which makes sense knowing the date for thee release of Xbox game preview.

London’s Singing Waiters

London’s most popular and most successful surprise entertainers: The Singing Waiters.

In the above video, The Singing Waiters are re-enacting the famous scene from the movie ‘Love Actually’. What an amazing proposal!!

However, The Singing Waiters are not just famous for fantastic flash mob performances. Their signature “Singing Waiters” act is what made them so successful. Today, the Singing Waiters from London are not only doing flash mobs and other “surprising” musical acts, they are also to be found performing on cruise ships where they entertain the guests.

What makes The Singing Waiters so different compared to other surprise entertainment acts in the UK? Their professional training! There are no other surprise entertainers in the nation where the members have professional training from the UK’s best music and dance schools!

UK Sports Minister ‘Concerned’ About Costs Of Football Tickets

According to an article I found at BBC Sports, Helen Grant, the UK’s Minister for Sports is concerned about the high prices for tickets.

Within just three years, the average price of the cheapest tickets across English football has gone up more than double as compared to the cost of living.

This is the result of a study where the BBC analyzed ticket prices at more than 200 clubs all across the UK.

The study found that the average price for the cheapest match-day ticket in England is £21.49. Compared to 2011 this is a steep 13% increase. In the same time period, the cost of living went up a mere 6.8%.

The Minister to the press: “I can see why fans are cross. I’m cross. The fans are the lifeblood of the game, without the fans we won’t have football the way we know it.”

She pointed out that it will cost a minimum of £130 if you plan to take your family to a premier league game. Petrol, parking, a programme, hot dogs and drinks not even included.

The Minister is urging that clubs are looking into their ticket pricing: “Not all families can afford this”, she said.