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Can CBT Therapy Help With OCD?

CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) can help with OCD and many other psychological and mental conditions. Check out this video from the BABCP about using CBT for OCD. The BABCP is the leading organization for overseeing CBT in the United Kingdom.

If you want to get a CBT therapist to help with your OCD, make sure they are BABCP accredited since anyone in the UK can say they are a CBT therapist even if they don’t have any formal training. If you get an accredited BABCP therapist, you know that they have the qualification and experience to help you!

CBT can also help with many other conditions and it can help you with anxiety and depression, low self esteem, anger management issues, relationship problems and a lot more. It’s a really good way to help you overcome all kinds of issues as the goal of CBT is always helping you with your problems and not like as is the case with psychotherapy to find out about the causes for them. So if you’re suffering from OCD, know that there is help!